Massage & Energy Work assists the body in balancing on very deep levels.  It promotes the release of deeply held energy in the body which facilitates the bodies natural capacity to heal itself. We specialize in a variety of modalities, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, and Shiatsu.

Science proves, in addition to providing relief from neck, back and shoulder pain, massage & energy work are helpful in treating the root cause of most disease...stress.

As muscles are rubbed, blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases, lymph circulation is stimulated, oxygen supply increases, and overall circulation throughout the body is improved. Patients contending with serious diseases find that massage promotes relaxation, improves quality of life, and enhances well-being. (Duke Integrative Medicine)

Each session is tailored to the needs of your body and usually includes a combination of modalities.

Jenna Ward LMT1600

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For massage in your home add $30.00 to the fees above.
Gift Certificates available.